Steel Slatting (Smartslat)

Smartslat is a unique two part steel slatting & louver system, and was developed to fill the need for a concealed fixed slat in the fencing and screening market.

Smartslat is made from lightweight pre-painted steel and is a unique two part system where all the fixings are installed in the base and completely concealed when the cover is snapped on. With Smartslat you can now site assemble with concealed fixing of the slat.

Smartslat gives a lifetime of maintenance free, fences, gates, sunshade, decorative garden features, fixed louvre panels & much more. With the smartslat system you can fill in the sides of carports, pergolas or any screening projects that you may require.

Smartslat is an outstanding product that has eliminated many of the disadvantages of other metal slatting:

  • visible fasteners and brackets;
  • channel frames which trap dirt & water;
  • unsightly welding

Features & Benefits

  1. Concealed Fasteners - the back section of the Smartslat slat is tek screwed or riveted direct to your post, then the front cover is clipped over the base, thus concealing the fasteners.
  2. Ease of Installation - Smartslat slats are supplied as a "flat pack" for easy transport & cartage, allowing for onsite assembly.
  3. Three Sizes Available - 40ml, 55ml & 80ml slats are available which provides ease of design for different applications.
  4. Available in the Standard length of 3m Length, with custom lengths available to order at no extra cost - this saves time as the slats can be cut to size, with a neat shear edge and no wastage.
  5. Low Maintenance - Smartslat do not require painting as they are made from pre-painted steel and easily cleaned.
  6. Available in 25 Colours - Suitable colours for every need.
  7. Strength of Steel - more durable than aluminium as it will resist impact & denting.

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